Weird Al Singing 'Yoda' With Autistic Children Made Me So Happy

During Comedy Central's biennial Night of Too Many Stars benefit for New York Collaborates for Autism, Weird Al Yankovic and 13-year-old autistic singer Jodi DiPiazza performed a stunning rendition of the classic "Yoda" that moved me to tears.

It's not that "Yoda", Weird Al's 1985 parody of "Lola" by The Kinks is a particularly moving song. It's just it was one of my childhood favorites, a tune responsible for the obsessive need I have to make up alternate lyrics on the spot to songs playing on the radio. It's a definitive piece of lyrical geekery.


That, and the fact that twin three-year-old boys, who I've already introduced to Weird Al's music, have both been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, so when the chorus of autistic children joins the due on stage towards the end of the song, I made the illogical-yet-hopeful leap that one day Seamus and Archer could be up there singing with my childhood musical comedy hero.

Check out Comedy Central for more clips from last night's telethon, and visit New York Collaborates for Autism's website for more info on that sort of thing.

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