Weepy Toy Story 3 (An Answer For Ron Gilbert)

To: Totilo
From: Bashcraft
RE: I'll Be Me, You Be Ron Gilbert

Today, I worked. But Mrs. Bashcraft took Mini-Bash and his friend to the movies. They saw Toy Story 3. When he left the theater, he was apparently sobbing! :(

He said Toy Story 3 was "a moving film". Haven't seen it yet! I remember that Fahey really dug it when he saw it in LA. I don't remember Fahey talking about crying. Just something about jello shots.


Oh, and the answer to Ron Gilbert's questions: Many of the Hollywood execs grew up reading comic books — they are from the generation of right before video games. Thus, they feel more comfortable with comic books than games.

Take a guy like Tarantino. The reason why he doesn't play video games is most likely he didn't grow up with them. If he had been born in 1973 or 1983 (instead of 1963), he'd be writing monologues about Mario instead of the Jack Kirby's Silver Surfer. There are guys like Sam Raimi and Guillermo Del Toro who are obvious exceptions, however.

Ron Gilbert, if you are listening, chin up! It's a generational gap. The younger filmmakers are itching to do gaming the justice it deserves in movies. Be patient! The changing of the guards will come soon enough. Until then....

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