Weekly Wii Update - Old Man Mega

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Hooray, Mega Man hits the Nintendo Wii this week! *scans release list excitedly* Oh wait. It's just Mega Man. No Mega Man 9 with Splashwater Falls Woman. Mega Man (NES, 500 points) is nice and all, but I've played it a couple thousand times now and am ready to move on. Oh well, at least we've still got Neo Turf Masters, the classic NEOGEO golf title (900 points), perfect for those of you who love golf but hate technological advancements. Meanwhile, in the WiiWare aisle, Nintendo really needs to put a limit on how many titles Gameloft can drop on us in any given year, because this is starting to get silly. They should just make a special GameloftWare channel, toss Midnight Pool (800 points) and its seven cool players (ooo, Alison the biologist) into it along with whatever other special surprises the company has in store for us and call it a day.

Wii-kly Update One WiiWare Game and Two Virtual Console Games Added to Wii Shop Channel Fans of '80s platforming action have something to shout about this week-namely, the Virtual Console™ debut of a true classic: Mega Man™. Whether you're experiencing this vintage robot adventure for the first time or reliving the fun of your NES® heyday, you'll find all of the game's side-scrolling thrills intact. Meanwhile, players with a passion for sinking the perfect shot can rule the table with a new WiiWare™ pool title or conquer the links in a challenging, globetrotting golf game. Nintendo adds new and classic games to the Wii™ Shop Channel at 9 a.m. Pacific time every Monday. Wii™ owners with a high-speed Internet connection can redeem Wii Points™ to download the games. Wii Points can be purchased in the Wii Shop Channel or at retail outlets. This week's new games are: WiiWare Midnight Pool (Gameloft, 1-2 players, Rated E for Everyone-Mild Suggestive Themes, Simulated Gambling, 800 Wii Points): Take a trip across America to make your dreams come true in a pool tournament worth millions. Visit the most colorful bars and meet seven of the coolest players on the circuit, from country music star Travis to Alison the biologist and John the sheriff. Learn the tricks of the trade through tutorials along the way, while advanced players can take on challenges to show off their trick-shot abilities. Keep things interesting with three sets of rules. Virtual Console Mega Man (NES, 1 player, Rated E for Everyone-Mild Cartoon Violence, 500 Wii Points): Join the blue bomber in his first-ever adventure as he battles the evil Dr. Wily and his robotic henchmen to restore peace to a troubled world. Mega Man is a super-robot created by the genius scientist Dr. Light. When Dr. Wily goes rogue with an army of six of his own devious robot masters, it's up to Mega Man to put a stop to his nefarious plot by traversing a series of stages rife with enemies, traps and perilous platform challenges. At the end of each stage, conquer one of the robot masters and claim his weapon as your own, using it to your advantage in subsequent fights. NEO TURF MASTERS (NEOGEO, 1-2 players, Rated E for Everyone, 900 Wii Points): This is a golf game that was first released in 1996. The player picks one of six available golfers and competes on a number of golf courses around the world, including Japan (Fujiyama Oriental Golf Club), America (Grand Canyon Golf Course), Australia (Blue Lagoon Golf Course) and Germany (Baden Golf Course). The game features two modes of play. The first is Stroke Play, in which the player attempts to get the best score by playing all 18 holes. The second is Match Play, in which two players compete to see who can win more of the 18 holes. Grab a friend and get ready to hit the fairway.



@antialias02: It's not that bad.

If I'd never been able to play games like Elebits, Zack & Wiki, and the first party adventures (which unlike previous generations have all been great), my life would have been a lot less fun. LostWinds is another treat on WiiWare, as is Strong Bad (despite not being exclusive). And there already are a lot of great games on the VC, although of course there could be more.

While I haven't been too thrilled recently with the console, given Nintendo's lack of effort toward serious gamers and the questionable choices for the last few months' VC releases, on the whole I'm more or less happy with being a Wii-only owner.