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Weekly PS3 Sales Double In Japan, DSi Holds Top Spot

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Nintendo DSi is still the best-selling platform in Japan, with its camera-less predecessor similarly selling in the tens of thousands. But Sony's PlayStation 3 saw the biggest gains this week, thanks to Konami.

The developer-publisher's World Soccer Winning Eleven 2009 sold over 168,000 copies in Japan last week, helping to double PS3 hardware sales to nearly 35,000 units. A pretty big improvement from its October lull.


Wii sales were also way up, by more than 14,000 units.

The full hardware sales tally from Nov. 24 to 30 was:

• Nintendo DSi - 87,185
• PSP - 55,090
• Wii - 49,848
• PlayStation 3 - 34,978
• Nintendo DS - 26,851
• Xbox 360 - 11,423
• PlayStation 2 - 5,628