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Ah, yes. Love hotels. Places of afternoon trysts or tawdry evening getaways. It's not enough to simply offer customers a place to get down. Love hotels need more.

This particular love hotel has costume rentals (hope they've got dry cleaning!), a fizzy "Welcome Drink" of your choice and Nintendo Wii rentals. There are also games players can check out as well. If gaming is not your thing, you can rent a DVD player — which sounds like a supreme hassle in this age of on-demand viewing.


Of course, the availability of these types of game consoles at love hotels are not new. The original Famicom (NES) was found in love hotels throughout the 1980s — heck, Nintendo tried its hand at running love hotels during the early 1960s before concentrating on children's toys and games.

Love Hotel Cosplay [Kirainet]

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