We Would Never Play A Game Set In Bullcrapistan

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Six Days In Fallujah, a game based on the recent war in Iraq, was deemed too controversial by its publishers Konami and dropped. Developers Atomic Games still hope it'll see a release. Some day.


Despite languishing incomplete and without backing from a publisher to finish the project, Peter Tamte, Atomic's president, believes that the artistic and political motivations driving the game make it worth all the trouble.

"Six Days takes place during the most relevant event of an entire generation," he tells VG247.

"Some people suggested, ‘Why not just make it Six Days in Bullcrapistan?' We could have done that, but that would have taken away one of the reasons why we made the game, which was to recreate the specific stories of some people who are our heroes –- I can't do that in Bullcrapistan because it loses its context."

"We in the videogames industry are not making our job any easier to try and convince people that we are doing anything that is not trivial," he adds. "What happened to Six Days is a case example… until someone challenges that assumption, games will continue to be perceived as trivial."

I really hope this game makes it to retail, particularly after the disappointment of EA's "authentic" Medal of Honor reboot. There are real stories out there video games can be telling, which I'm sure many would prefer over yet another modern shooter featuring evil Russians and doomsday scenarios.


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Luke Plunkett

I'm lying, btw.

I would totally play a game set in Bullcrapistan.