We Tried Nintendo's Surprise New Wii U Game NES Remix For You

Nintendo just released a new game on the Wii U with basically no warning. NES Remix! We didn't even know it existed four hours ago. And now we're all able to play it. $15 on the Wii U. Is it any good? Well, watch the video above.


NES Remix takes a dozen or so classic 8-bit Nintendo games and either 1) chops them up and asks you to do one specific thing (jump three barrels in Donkey Kong! Do a wheelie for three seconds in Excitebike!) or 2) presents part of the game in a new way (It's Mario Bros., but there are two Marios moving in unison! It's Donkey Kong but it's dark!)

Essentially, Nintendo is modding its own games. It's a good idea and starts out well enough, if a bit conservatively. Check out the video above for your—and our—first taste of the game.


Oh, and the game's got visual jokes. This is the screen through which you can go buy Virtual Console copies of the games remixed in NES Remix. This screen really should be the new way you get to the eShop for all purchases...

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It also does a fantastic job of teaching people how to play these classic games as well. The first few challenges are usually something to do with the actual introduction of its gameplay and it works very well.

The Remix stages get HARD.