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We Talk About Metal Gear Solid V And Final Fantasy VI

Illustration for article titled We Talk About iMetal Gear Solid V/i And iFinal Fantasy VI/i

Today we’d like to introduce Kotaku’s Splitscreen, a brand new video podcast hosted by us, Kirk Hamilton and Jason Schreier. You know. The two dopes up there.


In our pilot episode, which you can watch right here, we talk about Metal Gear Solid V, Final Fantasy VI, and what we’d do if we were in charge of the Assassin’s Creed franchise. We also debate the best horse in recent video game history.


1:20 - Streaming, YouTube, Let’s Plays

13:45 - Metal Gear Solid V

23:48 - Final Fantasy VI

34:40 - Reader question #1: What’s your ideal Assassin’s Creed?

40:07 - Reader question #2: Roach or D-Horse?

Want to listen to Splitscreen on the go? You can download from iTunes right here. (And subscribe!)


If you’d like to send us questions or suggestions, you can reach us at Or jump in the comments. Be nice.

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Kirk Hamilton has to be the smiliest mother fucker in these god damn 50 states. He’s a treasure.