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We Searched For A Single PlayStation Vita In A Room Full of Handheld Gamers

Two days into my attendance of the PAX East gaming convention last weekend, I finally saw a PlayStation Vita.


Nintendo DS and 3DS systems were everywhere among the convention's thousands of gamers. But the Vita, launched in February in America, was about as common a sighting at the show as an uncaged lion.

On Sunday, crack Kotaku video producer Chris Person decided to document the scarcity of the PS Vita by walking into PAX East's handheld gaming lounge. You'll see the results in the video here, which was shot in one take, to keep the journalistic integrity of this endeavor pure.


We know things are not super-wonderful for Vita these days (even though it's a very impressive machine). But maybe it's just experiencing a slow start?

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On that note, how about PSPs? There had to be people playing PSPs at the event, right? I saw dozens of PSP systems (along with plenty of DS Lites, though this was pre-3DS price drop) at Chicago Comic Con last year, and that's hardly a gaming convention.