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You know things are bad when your old portable is beating your brand new one. This week, Sony's PS Vita sold only 8,931. The PSP sold 14,804 units. The good news, I guess, is that Sony makes both handhelds. The bad? The newly released PS Vita continues to nosedive in Japan. This week it sold less than 10,000.

That's worrying! In comparison, the 3DS moved 72,115 units—not bad for a console that people thought was D.O.A. last year.

Rolling out new hardware is incredibly difficult. The PS Vita, like the 3DS, is an impressive piece of hardware. The 3DS finally has a nice line-up of games to keep players happy—and to entice new 3DS owners. These are growing pains, for sure, and the games are slowly trickling out. But Sony better turn things around, before the rot starts to set in.

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(Top photo: Koji Sasahara | AP)