We Played Forza Horizon 4's Halo Event

Forza Horizon 4, much like Halo, is a Microsoft Product. Where there’s brands there’s synergy, so of course Forza Horizon 4 has a Halo-themed race in it. I played this Halo-themed race, and made a video about it.

The game calls this race “The Halo Experience Showcase Event.” That sounds fancy, and it is fancy. The event forces your in-game avatar to wear a full Master Chief outfit. Cortana voices your GPS. She makes a couple of jokes. Some banshees fly overhead. Marines yell “Hoo-rah!” when their Warthogs pass yours.


In my video, you’ll be able to witness the whole race uncut, after I deliver a little background on what the Forza Horizon series’ “Showcase Events” are. I’ll also show you a couple of Forza Horizon 4's other showcase events.

I’m absolutely loving Forza Horizon 4. However, I don’t love the Halo Experience event enough to spend 850,000 credits to buy the Warthog for use in non-Halo-themed cross country events. It doesn’t feel exactly like it does in Halo, which is understandable, because this game isn’t Halo. Though it doesn’t feel exactly like it belongs in Forza, either.


So instead I spent 500,000 credits on a 1993 Toyota Baja Truck, the chosen ride of Ivan “Ironman” Stewart, star of such video games as Ivan “Ironman” Stewart’s Super Off-Road. Ivan “Ironman” Stewart is my Master Chief.

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This is the problem with Xbox this gen. PS4 is pumping out highly acclaimed exclusives left and right and Xbox is all like. “Here’s another Forza!! Oh and you still like Halo right?? Umm...Forza AND Halo??? Please like us.