We Play Battle Rage So You Don't Have To

Last week Destineer quietly released Battle Rage: Mech Conflict, a $19.99 robot battler for the Nintendo Wii, and for some odd reason I picked up a copy. Let's play!

So what it Battle Rage: Mech Conflict? For an in-depth explanation, I took the liberty of copying the official sales blurb from the game's Amazon.com listing.

Customize your deadly giant Mech to be the ultimate war machine. Choose from 20 different weapons and equip up to three at a time. Strike the right balance between speed, power and armor before you head into one of 10 different arenas to take on other robatic challengers.


Robatic, huh? Nice.

Apparently the same care and attention to detail went into the game's development as well. As per usual, I'm terribly sorry about the auto focus. I used a much better camera this time around, but the trade off is I have no idea what I am doing, all over again. Whee!


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Uh Saturn graphics? No. These graphics look ok from where I'm sitting. At least PS2 level.

Looks ok. Something I may get for like 5 bucks.