We Offer 3DS Advice To Nerds

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I appeared on College Humor's Nerd Alert show yesterday in order to make the other people on the show seem funnier.


They also wanted my expertise about the 3DS, which I told them they don't need to buy now — but should plan to get someday.

Sure, we already told you that here at Kotaku, but we hadn't alerted all the nerds yet. Nor did I previously have the chance to look cooler than people who bring X-Wing toys to school and who make Magic The Gathering baseball leagues. Thank you, College Humor!


Click this thing below and it'll play a video of my appearance. Laugh with me, friends.

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Nerd Alert 3DS [College Humor]

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Koda Kazar

Gotta disagree, Stephen, the 3DS is definitely worth getting now. Sure no new games won't drop till May, and the really good games won't drop till June at the earliest, but Super Street Fighter IV is good enough to last that long, plus you have the entire DS library, save for any games that used a peripheral that plugged into the GBA slot on the pre-DSi models.

So, if you are already willing to put down the $250 on the device, you should definitely get it right now.