We got Halo 4 in the office today. The $100 Limited Edition... plus the $400 special edition 320GB Xbox 360 that comes with the game packed in. So what's the deal with these things?

We put our unboxing committee on the case.

The console is partially see-through, makes Halo 4 sounds and has cool blue lights. (It's also listed at $350 at some online retailers, down $50 from its list price.)


The Limited Edition version of Halo 4 has all sorts of download codes and the kind of paperwork you'd have if you were an actual Spartan Halo trooper.

Both have some commendable features, but, hey, it's your money. So watch the video and hopefully it'll help you decide whether to part with more of it.

Our review of Halo 4 will run next week.