We Do Not Object To World 1-1 Pennies

Pennies! Check out the penny creation Kotaku reader Teh Gwan sent us for our PAX contest. Great stuff. We've been getting loads (yes, LOADS) of amazing entries for the contest. Just take a gander at what reader James did after the jump. Here's what's going on: Win the bag of schwag we collected at this year's Penny Arcade Expo. To enter you just need to send in a picture of your game-themed penny creation. It can be characters scenes, or even a lovely load screen. Make sure to include a Kotaku in the pic so we know you're not faking it. You have until Friday to enter. Rules here.


Yep. That's Super Mario Bros. World 1-1.



Hmm wonder if I can make a suit of armour out of pennies....