We Came, We Partied, We Raised...

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With just two weeks planning and tons and tons of help from lots of very good people, we managed to raise a record breaking (for us) $7,650 to help earthquake relief efforts in Japan.

That doesn't include all of the people who couldn't make last night's Denver party and instead made direct donations to American Red Cross or the Red Cross Society of Japan.

I can't thank everyone enough, but I do need to single out a few people. Thanks to Nan Desu Kan, who showed up at the party with a $400 check to cover the fees for the venue. Thanks also to Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom, which only charged us for the manpower at the event. And to DJ LiciousD who performed an hour-long opening set at the event. Of course we could have never had such a great party without the hardwork of Death of the Arcade, who always put on an amazing Rock Band party. Colorado Cutthroat took over the entire balcony section, setting up consoles for people to game on throughout the night. Brian Robbins, of Riptide Games, manned the silent auction table all evening. That table alone brought in more than half of the total proceeds. And of course Dave Thomas, who helped me all night with the emcee duties.


LEGO Universe shocked everyone by showing up with a full replica of the Ghostbusters firehouse, complete with LEGO Ghostbusters Ecto-1 and the entire team of minifigs inside. Thank you too, to Cliff Ward who made and donated three amazing LEGO statues to the auction. OnLive, Treehouse Brand Stores, and others also donated items for that auction.

And the list could go on and on and on. It's clear that people want to help and given the opportunity, go well beyond expectations to do what they can for others in need and that's very heartening.

The party was a blast, I think everyone had fun. We'll try to post pictures from the event later on. If you were there and snapped any, feel free to drop them in comments.

Thanks again, everyone, it was wonderful.

[Pic and plenty more from the event here]

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