We are playing Trails in the Sky on our Twitch channel! I have always wanted to play it, and there’s no motivation for doing something you have always wanted to do than making it part of your job! Yell at me in the chat!


I make videos for Kotaku. I make video games for myself and my friends. I like writing fiction. Someday I will publish a novel. Who knows!

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***Possible spoilers***

I got to the point where you infiltrate the sky bandits’ hideout, and learn that Cassius it’s missing, then quit. I found the characters to be flat and predictable, the story similar, and the actual gameplay to be pretty middling.

This is one of those games that makes me question listening to gamers about any kind of art. The level of praise feels totally unjustified. The writing would be considered mediocre even in the already low-bar world of sci-fi/fantasy literature.