Watchmen: The End is Nigh is set to hit Xbox Live, PSN and Steam next week ahead of the film's premier, but so far only the Steam release has a definite price.

A while back, we talked with Warner Bros. about pricing for End is Nigh. At the time, they responded with "It'll be quite a bit more than" $10. So it's not really a surprise to see that Steam is charging $19.99 for the game – but it's still a bummer.

GamerBytes speculates that this may be a case of PC-taxing; but I think it has more to do with marketing and sales. End is Nigh is a short downloadable game meant to be the first in a series of "chapters." How many chapters there are will depend on how popular the first installment is. Since they're already making a second chapter, they're probably hoping to make enough money on the first one to break even. You know, just in case nobody buys the second one.


Watchmen: The End is Nigh comes out on Steam, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network on March 4. The film hits theaters March 6.

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