Watch Valve's Insane Steam Controller In Action

Here's our first live-action look at the joystick-free Steam Controller, being used to play games like Portal 2 and Civilization V. Valve says they've got more live-action demos planned over the next few weeks and months.


Valve's Steam Controller, announced two weeks ago, might be one of the most interesting elements of the company's living-room-takeover initiative. It's the first mainstream controller to use haptic feedback instead of thumbsticks, which is an unorthodox choice to say the least.

It does look bizarre. I imagine this will require some mental adjustments to use.

The controller will ship with prototypes of Valve's Steam Machine computer when the company begins their 300-person beta test later this year.



All I'm seeing is "swipe swipe swipe swipe swipe..." for the right thumb. That is one of the main reasons why many games are so difficult to play on touch screens, and it looks like the same annoyance is being brought over to this controller. With a mouse, as long as I have the DPI/sensitivity set properly, I can immediately move to where I want to go without multiple writs movements. With a thumbstick, I can simply hold it one direction. Having to constantly swipe my thumb over and over to aim my cursor in a PC game seems like a pain to me. Anyways else think this? I'm blown away by how positive all these comments are for this. It doesn't seem all that impressive to me from what I've seen so far...