Watch Valkyria Chronicles With English Right Now

The anime based on SEGA's PS3 title Valkyria Chronicles has debuted in Japan. Here's the entire first episode — with English subtitles, too!

The anime is produced by A-1 Pictures under the direction of Yasutaka Yamamoto (episode director of xxxHOLiC: Kei, Big Windup!). The theme song is sung by Canadian Catherine St. Onge (aka newly minted pop star HIMEKA), who won the 2nd All-Japan Anison Grand Prix singing contest.

Watch Valkyria Chronicles Episode 1 with English subtitles [Sega Nerds]

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I have to say... Alicia (I have only watched so far) and the bumpkin brigade need to get killed, well not particularly. But I mean.. they capture this guy who's taking notes on fish.

This guy is obviously a curious guy, and an observant guy.. (The military must be taught that civilian folk are all dumb asses)

And this captured guy mentions, how a battle might start in the city.. and Alicia is all "Oh did you lead them here?! Durr"...


I have been spoiled since I have watched Code geass, I need ruthless calculating cool characters...

(I was being vague as not to spoil anything for anyone)

Maybe ep 2 will see a little character growth..