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Watch Us Play Aerena. No, I Don't Know Why It's Spelled That Way

Aerena is one of those games that leaves you with a lot of questions. Why is this platform floating in the middle of the sky? Why are these people fighting? Why is it spelled like that? Luckily, we have a video that answers none of those questions.


It's a free-to-play turn-based game where you send a crew of champions to fight and try to destroy your opponent's ship. Personally, I think it's a lot like Hero Academy, but Leo is adamant that it reminds him of Battle Chess. Unfortunately, Aerena didn't grab me nearly the same way that either of those did. The mechanics seem solid, so it's worth trying for yourself (at least once it's free).

The game isn't feature complete yet, and it's $8 for early access, which gets you a Founders Pack when the game finally goes free to play. One thing I do like about the game is that the developers plan to add cross-platform support for PC, Mac, Android and iOS. Check out the game's site here.


Watchlist is where we show off gameplay of new and upcoming games. You'll see some videos that aren't on the front page of Kotaku, and hopefully some games you haven't seen before!

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