Watch Us Enjoy Thirty Minutes Of Yoshi's Crafted World

Yoshi’s Crafted World is cute, fun, and either childish or relaxing, depending on your mood. So come chill and childishly relax with Stephen Totilo and I as we plunk around a bunch of levels, talk about how great Yoshi’s Island is, wonder why Nintendo decided to immediately send Yoshi games back to preschool after Yoshi’s Island, and ask the big questions—for example, if Yoshi’s World is Crafted now, what happened to his Woolly World? Mario only has one World, and now Yoshi has two worlds—and an island? That’s a little greedy.

Nintendo’s embargo restrictions for Yoshi’s Crafted World dictated that we can provide our readers with 30 minutes of video footage. However, no individual clip in said footage can be longer than three minutes. So Stephen Totilo and I made a 30 minute video showing ten different scenes, each less than three minutes long.


During the video, I note that the Stephen-Totilo-controlled Yoshi is wearing a digital cardboard train costume which doubles his visible body length. This makes it sort of hard for a viewer to tell where Yoshi’s feet are. Stephen Totilo does not seem have a problem landing jumps, and maybe I wouldn’t, either, if I were the one playing. Though as an observer, I kept feeling the need to bring it up. Platform games are all about knowing where your character’s feet are.

Yoshi’s Crafted World comes out on March 29 for the Nintendo Switch. I know: it’s pretty weird that it’s not also coming out on the 3DS, right?


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