Watch Us Break Down The First Act Of Death Stranding

Death Stranding is upon us! Kojima Productions’ bizarre and super-massive exploration game brims with symbolism, clumsy stumbling, and gnarly ghosts. My pal Tim Rogers and I sat down to play the first chapter and talk about movies and all sorts of other stuff as we helped Sam Porter Bridges on his trek through the wasteland.

Full disclosure: Tim and I recorded this maybe two weeks ago , packed into our stuffy studio space here in Times Square. For about a week before we recorded this, we had been starting our days by talking to each other about where we were in Death Stranding. Oh wow, bud, have you seen this? What’s up with having a character called Bridget Strand? How about that music? Can you grab me some footage of Sam pissing on an enemy? It was a solid morning ritual, since Death Stranding is a game that demands to be discussed with other people. It’s a “water-cooler game,” a “forum-post goldmine,” a “sports conversation killer.”

I have not yet watched this video and all its ramblings, and I don’t remember all of it, but I’m pretty sure I reference Hungarian filmmaker Béla Tarr while Tim talks about Andrei Tarkovsky. There’s a lot going on in this game, and I encourage you to luxuriate in the marinade of exploration and conversation.


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Inject this game right into my veins. It goes against everything I usually like in gaming but something about what I’ve seen so far is genuinely interesting. I love when games break the molds and take us on different journeys with different mechanics. Will it be a hit? Who knows but I’m SO down to get lost in a new space without the usual “go here/kill this” or “it’s a roguelite!” like we all seem to be jammed with lately. Here’s a giant world, go.