Watch Today's Nintendo Direct Right Here [UPDATE]

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Ready for a new Nintendo Direct? We're expecting to officially hear the U.S. release date for the New 3DS, along with a whole bunch of other news from the folks behind the 3DS and Wii U.


This one's gonna be a whopping 46 minutes, so we're expecting a lot of info on Nintendo's plans for 2015.

The whole thing starts at 9am Eastern. You can watch it right here, or check Kotaku for all the news as it happens.


UPDATE (9:52am): Stream's over, but you can watch the whole thing right here. Some highlights include a new Fire Emblem, a Majora's Mask special edition New 3DS XL, and lots of spring 2015 release dates for 3DS and Wii U.

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The New 3DS doesn't include a charging cable? Uh......

And yeah, I can use an old one. BUT, if you're going to do what most likely do and sell off the old one to fund the new one they're going to need that adapter.