Insert obligatory opening sentence about how some people are upset about how DmC is easier than its predecessors. And, sure, that may well be the case—I'm no Devil May Cry expert, and I also haven't tried DmC on anything beyond its third-hardest "Nephilim" setting.

That means I haven't tried the by-all-accounts very tough "Son of Sparda" difficulty, nor have I tried "Dante Must Die," a mode that can only be unlocked by beating the game on Son of Sparda. Up top, we've got SteeleSerpent taking down the game's fourth level on Dante Must Die difficulty without taking a single hit, while earning an SSS rating.


Here he is taking down the first level the same way: no hits, SSS rank.

Here's level two.

And here's level three.

While I'm sure he's not the first, nor will he be the last person to perfect-score DmC on its toughest difficulty, these are still a lot of fun to watch. And while there's also "Heaven and Hell" difficulty, where Dante dies if enemies land a single attack, but the enemies there are (apparently) on "Sparda" difficulty and Dante has orbs that let him resurrect. By setting the no-hit + SSS bar for himself, SteeleSerpent is taking on the game at its hardest. Though I guess he could play it while hanging upside-down off his couch or something.

(Via Jeff Matulef)

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