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Watch This Amazing 16-Bit Legend of Zelda PC Case Come to Life Block-By-Block

You've seen his classic Final Fantasy-inspired PC cases. Now Richard "8-Bit Builder" Clinton upgrades to 16-bit with his amazing PC case rendition of Link from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. How does he do it? Watch the video and find out.


Not only did Dr. Clinton (probably not a doctor) spend the time and money required to create this amazing 16-bit Link complete with glowing sword, he also recorded the entire process, unmindful of the harsh glow of the sun or exposing the general public to his Pac-Man pajama pants.

Have you watched the video? Good, now you possess the skills to go create your own. Me? I'll have to stick with store bought. Maybe I can buy one of these custom jobs off the man himself?


In case it wasn't obvious, I envy Richard's skill. I envy his free time. And yes, I envy his Pac-Man jammies.

Hit up the link below to see some gorgeous still pictures of the case and more of Richard's amazing creations on the 8-Bit Builder Facebook page.

8-Bit Builder [Facebook]

Seen a particularly amazing case mod lately? Send your Case Mod of the Week candidates to and you might see them here as well! as well!


Update: I realize this video showed up earlier this week, my fault for not mentioning my Case Mod of the Week pick to the rest of Kotaku. Still, it's Case Mod of the Week, and it stands.

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de ja vu ??

wasn't this posted a few days ago ? :D