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Watch These BF4 Players Search For A Mythical Hidden Shark

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

JackFrags is a well-known YouTuber among fans of Battlefield 4. So when he says he thinks there's a giant megalodon hidden in the game, people start searching. I went to observe the search effort, and it was... interesting.

The backstory: JackFrags posted this video explaining his theory about the secret megalodon in BF4 and a challenge called 'Phantom Prospect' that got added with the latest expansion. His theory is that they're related, and his reasoning isn't actually that crazy.

The day after the video was posted, the Battlefield 4 subreddit was filled with nothing but megalodon talk. Possible clues, "hints" from "developers", crazy theories, and plenty of jokes.


The biggest clue was this image, posted by a brand new Reddit account, who someone theorized was a developer:


Someone created a server specifically for people to go try out their megalodon theories, which is where I went to investigate for the first video above.

Today, it seems someone has poked around in the game files and possibly made some progress (albeit on another map). Apparently the map Rogue Transmission has the goat from Jurassic park hidden out of bounds, and redditor norskp90x has found a T-Rex's roar somewhere in the map's files. Is that the secret everyone has been referring to? Is the megalodon, like communism, a red herring?


The search continues...