Being a God is tough work. First you have to try your best to make sure people don't die, then you're clearing space for them to repopulate. It's like being the world's busiest omnipresent parent, and how do all your children repay you? With Atheism.


Hello, I'm finally back. I've been pretty ill the last month but now that I'm not as ill I can finally get back to producing videos for you to look at if you so wish. Being ill isn't very good but I’ll tell you something that’s quite good, Godus.

Well, from what I've played at least, as the Kickstarter project is in Beta with many of its features not yet in the game. To find out more about using your godly finger-poking powers for good and evil watch my video above.


Godus is available now as early access on Steam.

Wish to tweet words at me? I can be found here @laserfrog.

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