Watch The Next Xbox Reveal Right Now, Live

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Today is the big day for Microsoft, folks. It's the next generation. The company behind that big box of X will finally be revealing the next piece of hardware in their line of gaming consoles, and you can watch the entire thing right here.


The GameTrailers livestream, hosted by Kotaku friend Geoff Keighley, starts now—noon Eastern—with some special pre-show guests like our own Kotaku boss Stephen Totilo. The actual reveal will be streamed in this very place after 1pm EST, when the conference starts. In the meantime, you can read about everything we currently know leading up to the reveal, and what to expect.

If you're at work, school, or wherever else it is that you can't view the livestream, feel free to follow our liveblog.

Stick around after the show to hear from Microsoft's Don Mattrick.



The new name of the next Xbox: