Watch The Designer Of Zelda Get Chased Around NYC

Some companies advertise their games through trailers and sizzle reels; Nintendo advertises their games by making ridiculous videos of their developers running around through New York City.


Via NintendoEverything, here's a video of Zelda designer Eiji Aonuma getting chased by Nintendo PR people through the streets of Manhattan, because why not?



This is why i love Nintendo. Their creators are so funny, and are so passionate about their games, and love gaming themselves. Like how Miyamoto is always getting pictures of him acting silly, and like a kid. They love gaming so much, and are so full of joy even at their age. I would MUCH rather have trailers of the creators of video games having fun, and marketing their game their way, instead of montages of the game, and dubstep. lol. It makes waiting for the game even more unbearable.