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Watch New Videos of Paper Mario, Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, Kid Icarus and More from Nintendo's 3DS Blowout

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Nintendo laid out its game plan for the Nintendo 3DS well into 2012 at a press conference in Tokyo today, showering us with new games and new media for its 3D handheld. Let's catch up.

In this gallery, you'll see gameplay video of 3DS entries of Paper Mario, Mario Tennis, Animal Crossing, and Fire Emblem, plus extended gameplay of Kid Icarus Uprising and a new horror game called Shinrei Camera. Curiosity seekers may want to dive in further for previews of the new Tomodachi Collection, a 3DS sequel to a wildly popular Nintendo DS game that never left Japan, and Girls Mode, the follow-up to the game that came to the States as Style Savvy.


This is just the Nintendo stuff! We'll have more video soon, but if you missed them earlier, here are new trailers for Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land.


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Paper Mario 3DS

Paper Mario for Nintendo 3DS

Mario Tennis 3ds

Mario Tennis for Nintendo 3DS

Kid Icarus Uprising

Kid Icarus Uprising for Nintendo 3DS

Animal Crossing 3DS

Animal Crossing for Nintendo 3DS

Fire Emblem 3DS

Fire Emblem for Nintendo 3DS

Shinrei Camera 3DS

Shinrei Camera for Nintendo 3DS


Tomodachi Collection for Nintendo 3DS

Style Savvy

Girls Mode (aka Style Savvy) for Nintendo 3DS