Watch Lightning Cosplay As Other Final Fantasy Characters

Not since Final Fantasy X-2 have there been this many wardrobe changes in one Final Fantasy game. And Lightning has taken the opportunity to show her fandom for the series that preceded her in the latest trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. It looks like she loves Final Fantasy VII almost as much as those remake guys.


I'm seeing at least loose references to Freya (Final Fantasy IX), Yuna (Final Fantasy X), Rikku (Final Fantasy X), Yuffie (Final Fantasy VII), Cid (specifically Final Fantasy VII), Cloud (Final Fantasy VII), and Ashelia (Final Fantasy XII). I was hoping for a Cait Sith or Quina costume.

Along with the trailer, Square-Enix also announced that the entire cast from Final Fantasy XIII would be reunited in Lightning Returns. No word yet on whether Sazh will cosplay as a gysahl green, or Snow as an ice cavern.

See any costume references I missed? Got any suggestions (or fanfic novellas)?

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