Watch Gamers Kill Osama in Recreation of SEALs Assault on Compound

Gamers can play through the final, fatal moments of Osama Bin Laden's last stand in Abbottabad, Pakistan in the latest, last episode of video war game Kuma War II.


In The Death of Osama bin Laden, players are randomly selected to take on the roles of either U.S. Navy SEALS or the men defending Bin Laden in a careful recreation of the compound in which Bin Laden was killed. The animated recreation of Bin Laden is always controlled by the computer.

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If you start as a SEAL you're given a number of tasks to complete to win. You need to find and kill Bin Laden, take his body, find critical intel to "end al Qaeda" and destroy the downed U.S. helicopter in the compound. If you start out as a defender your only goal is to protect Bin Laden. All but one of the defenders in the game start out unarmed, but the compound is littered with easy to find weapons.

While the actions in the multiplayer don't mimic what happened in the real world, the compound itself is meant to be a faithful recreation of the location.

The playthrough of the level above was created without any other players, so there are no enemies, just a single Navy SEAL and an automated Osama Bin Laden. Bin Laden always starts out unarmed, but with a nearby weapon. The mission is designed to have no single player mode.

The game is a free download from Kuma Games.

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I'm a little bit confused on why we can't see actual proof of what happened because those pictures and videos belong to the people, not the government.

If they can plaster JFK being shot over and over again on our televisions, why are they holding back on this piece of trash being shot?

If they have no problems replaying the towers being imploded over and over again each year, why can't we see proof of this piece of trash being shot?

Want to know why?

Maybe because it's all a big lie and they want us to believe in something that never happened, just so they can try to brainwash us some more into the things they want us to believe. If I don't see no proof, I won't believe it's true.