Actress Ellen Page is surely one of the biggest draws for video game auteur David Cage's Heavy Rain follow-up, Beyond: Two Souls. This video from IGN shows Page assuming the role of Jodie, the spiritually superpowered protagonist of Beyond: Two Souls, as well as a couple of her co-stars, who Eurogamer says are TV stars Eric Winter (Days of our Lives, The Mentalist) and Kadeem Hardison (Dwayne Wayne from A Different World). I'll take their word for it - I'm terrible at recognizing actors from shows I didn't really watch.

I saw most of the early scenes at the gameplay demo I saw at E3, and it's neat to see Page act out the roles next to her video game avatar.

Page and Cage are at Comic-Con this week talking about the game—in this interview with G4, Page talks about the many challenges of working in an empty room and performing the sorts of variable-outcome scenes that a David Cage game requires. Good stuff:


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