Watch Dogs On PC Looks Fantastic

Yeah, this is little more than an advertisement for Nvidia tech. But the clip also gives us a look at Watch Dogs running on the PC, and it looks great.

Of course it does. It's a trailer. It's running as nicely as the game can possibly run. But still! Even if you can only get close to this kind of quality, it's still going to be one very pretty game.

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And in order to achieve this, people will have to spend thousands to get this quality.

Yes you can run it on a 600 - 1000 dollar PC. But you will need an 8 core processor + more to get this. There is no reason to compare PC to console. Everyone knows PC is gonna ave better graphics, but PC will never have infamous, the last of us, the order, or driveclub.

You may get xbox exclusives, if youre lucky.