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Watch Dogs’ Multiplayer Lets You Screw With Other Players' Good Times

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

So far, there’ve only been the tiniest of glimpses at the multiplayer component for Ubisoft’s upcoming techno/open-world game. Sure, you can hack into other people’s games but how deep does that go?

In an official Ubisoft blog post, it’s revealed that players will look like NPCs when they hack into another person’s game but will stay as Aiden Pierce in their own session:

In other words, if I hack into your game, I will see you (the “hackee”) as yet another NPC-esque character on my screen. And if you hack into my game, you will continue to be Aiden on your screen, but I will see you, likewise, as a “generic” in-game character. It’s in this way that the team ensures you’re always playing as Aiden, and after seeing it in action, we’re pleased to report that it makes perfect sense. It is in no way disorienting to either player, both of whom continue to live in their own worlds as Aiden Pearce.


The post also says that you’ll be able to do things like jack a car and ram into them. You’ll also be able to turn off multiplayer altogether if you want an intrusion-free playthrough. Wouldn’t be very l33t of you though…