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Watch Dogs' Expensive E3 Trailer Leaks Early

No doubt Ubisoft would have preferred you watch this within the context of the company's big E3 press conference. Ah well. You may as well watch it here instead, right now.


Not sure where this leaked from - there are multiple copies floating around, some like this with English subtitles, other in Cyrillic - but the actual language track is in English, so enjoy.

It is exactly what you'd expect of a big, expensive E3 trailer. Lots and lots of fancy pre-rendered cinematics showing the systems and "mood" of the game.


The clip opens giving us a taste of not just the inter-connected future of the Watch Dogs world, but of the kind of people star Aiden Pearce will be up against. You know, architects and graphic designers who shop for women on the internet.

Then the guns come out - it's an E3 trailer after all - the cops show up and we get a look at what must surely be one of the game's more useful special attacks.

WD-E3-CGI-Trailer-UPlay-EXP 480 [Vimeo]

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Honest question for you all.

Do expensive cut scenes like this, make you buy games?

For me personally, learning about a games story, and seeing gameplay, is what sells me on a game. So, for me personally, these sorts of expensive things, while impressive, seem like a waste of money. Maybe that money could be spent on development, or could not be spent, and the savings could be passed on to the consumer, by offering the game for less than $60 at launch.