When Arnold Schwarzenegger makes a sandwich, he makes the Steak & Egger sandwich. Here's the thing about the Steak & Egger sandwich: it has so much protein, it could kill probably kill a man.


But as always, the food showcased in Epic Meal Time is not the sort of thing anyone should try to eat alone. I mean, this thing has over 78k calories. Cripes! I'm not into the big macho thing, but, y'know, the food is still impressive and ridiculous.

Also: of freakin' course Schwarzenegger has a tank. And of course he cooks his breakfast on it. And of course he rides it after he's done eating. What else would you do with a tank, really?


The Steak & Egger Sandwich - Epic Meal Time w/ Arnold Schwarzenegger [Epic Meal Time]

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