Watch An MMO PC Gamer Shoot His Way Into an FPS Player's Console Game

The clip here is short, but incredibly cool.

On the left is Eve Online, a spectacular sci-fi massively multi-player game, which you can play on a computer. On the right is the upcoming first-person shooter, Dust 514, which you will be able to play on a PlayStation 3.

The games take place in the same universe. They even connect to each other. So, a player in the free-to-play FPS can call in an orbital strike from the MMO player.


That's what happens in this clip, which we captured from a (now-concluded) livestream that was transmitted from the development studio CCP's Evefest event earlier today. The CCP guys were showing how 514 works. This is the part we just had to show you.

Great stuff, CCP!

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Wow, that made me think. Imagine what could be achieved on the Wii U if you and 4 friends were playing a local multiplayer coop campaign:

The player with the Wii U controller would be sort of a "commander", overseeing all the action in a top down perspective. The other 4 players could be playing with wiimotes and nunchucks, each one the leader of a squadron. The point is to flank the enemy from various sides, and the "commander" taps on the map on his controller's screen to direct each squadron to different places.

Basically, the commander plays the role of master strategist, and the other players need to trust his judgment and all play in team to achieve a game's goal. They could take turns for the "commander" place from one map to another.

This could also work for multiplayer. Pretty cool.

Somebody make it, now.