There's a reason Sony wants so badly to block jailbreak device's access: now that the code for the things is out there, people were using everything from mobile phones to calculators to get at their PlayStation 3s.


In these videos, you'll see variants of the PSGroove being run on the Nokia N900, a Palm Pre and, most awesome of all, a TI-84 Plus calculator.

Whether you're pro or against the use of devices like this, you have to admit, it's pretty neat seeing someone crack the armour of a PS3 with a calculator.


If you feel like taking a swing at this yourself, you should know that Sony almost surely blocked access to this kind of shenanigans in a firmware update released earlier today.

PS3JB - PS3 Jailbreak for TI-84 Plus and TI-84 Plus Silver Edition [BrandonW, thanks jspdan!]
PS3 jailbreak adapted to Nokia N900, Palm Pre in wake of Australian ban (video) [Engadget]

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