Watch A Guy Play Through Mario 64 Blindfolded

Illustration for article titled Watch A Guy Play Through emMario 64/em Blindfolded

Twitch streamers sure know how to pull cool stunts. Case in point: there is a channel where a speedrunner attempts to play through Mario 64...without being able to see what's going on on the screen.

62bitgaming is hoping to get through the classic Mario title using his vast knowledge of the game—but he'll also make use of the verbal directions of a friend who is actually watching. They're making progress, albeit slowly, as the top screenshot shows. It's pretty entertaining, and you can watch them do it here:


Think they'll be able to beat the game like this? If Twitch Plays Pokemon can pull it off, so can these guys, is my bet. As of this writing, they already have a star!

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The only part of Mario 64 I could play blindfolded.