Was 2008 The Year of the Horse?

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While future gaming historians will largely point to 2008 as the year the Wii shattered sales records and Wii Fit ushered in a physically fit future, we'll remember it as the year of the horse.

The equine game scientists at The -Minus World Foundation have assembled a comprehensive guide to the year in horse gaming... nay, the BEST year in horse gaming — at least in the PAL regions — which may be more expansive than you might think. It was a spectacular year to be a pre-teen girl with access to Nintendo hardware and aspirations of pony ownership, trust me.

Seriously, girls, what's with the horse obsession? And does Europe have more lax laws on shovelware? What gives? Watch out, Mr. Sensitive, there's naughty language at that link (but all the horse stuff is on the up and up).


2008 Was The Best Gaming Year Ever…For HORSES [The -Minus World]

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Nintendo, you've broken a lot of hearts to get your cold hard cash. I hope you enjoy being sell out whores.