Warrior Epic Poised For Release

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Last month's closed beta test the massively multiplayer online game Warrior Epic must have gone rather well, as True Games has announced that the game goes live on May 19th.

It seems like only fourteen days ago that the game, developed by Austin-based developer Possibility Space, had entered closed beta. After a quick bout of testing the game is ready for launch, with the servers opening up to accept all the people on May 19th.

"Our beta testers have given us a lot of great feedback and we are confident that the game is now reaching a point where we can provide the Warrior Epic community an engaging and compelling experience," said Jeff Lujan, Founder and Chairman of True Games.


Mind you this doesn't mean the beta test is over, as True plans on continuing testing up until the day before launch, inviting a new wave of testers as we speak. Those interested in testing or possibly playing Warrior Epic can find more information at WarriorEpic.com.

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Another MMO to waste our lives away in. This one is free to play but has micro-transactions. I wonder if the micro-transaction thing has ever worked?