Warren Spector So Not Done With Deus Ex

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Warren Spector, creator of Deus Ex, isn't letting the fact he no longer has access to the series stop him from dreaming up more games in the series. Well, maybe not series. "Series".

Spector - currently at work on Epic Mickey - has told Variety that prior to picking up work the Disney gig, he and his wife had been kicking some ideas around for new projects, one a massive piece of original IP, the other a "spiritual successor" to Deus Ex.

He says that at one time he tried to get the rights to his game back from publishers Eidos, but they weren't willing to part with it, so Spector was forced to come up with a Go-Bots to Deus Ex's Transformers.


"There were and still are ‘Deus Ex' stories I would like to tell. That story is not done for me," he told Variety. "[For the sci-fi game] I sort of filed the serial numbers off. ‘Deus Ex' was very much a game of the millennium."

Behind the scenes at "Epic Mickey" – Part One [Variety]

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Inivisible war was like someone pooping all over Deus Ex. It was nowhere near as complex as Deus Ex and stripping the player of the skill system was a stupid move, its almost as if they sold out wholeheartedly to the console crowd . #warrenspector