Warning: Do *Not* Put Kinect Games In Your Xbox 360 Yet

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Kotaku reader Ken was lucky enough to score an early, pre-launch copy of Kinectimals. Unfortunately, he put that copy of the Kinect cat game in his Xbox 360 to unhappy results. Learn from Ken's harrowing tale.


Ken writes: "Just a word of warning that if you receive an Xbox Kinect game early and perform the title update, it will also update your console to the new dashboard. Unfortunately, the update isn't the newest version, and every time you try to sign into Live it will try to update to a version that does not exist on the server."

"Since you can't connect to Live without the newest version," Ken says, "the system will be locked out until the update goes on the servers."

That update could theoretically come as late as November 4, when Kinect officially launches in North America. The fall update to the Xbox 360 dashboard will likely be released sometime before then, but that's officially a bummer for anyone afflicted with the same issue who's hoping to play on Xbox Live.

Consider yourself warned, curious Kinect purchaser. If you must get your Skittles on, wait for the Xbox 360 dash update. Or you'll be playing a whole lot of this...

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Thanks, Ken! And our condolences.


I'm the guy that submitted the pics for this article. The only reason I tried the game out was because the Gamestop return policy for holidays hasn't gone into effect and I wanted to make sure the game booted before I put it in the basement to await gifting to my 9 year old.

Anyway, I just wanted to make sure no one else tried this out if they happened to get their games early. My copy of Kinectimals was shipped from EBGames.com on Monday and arrived today, so I figured this couldn't be the only copy out there by this point.

MS straight up told me that I would have to wait the week for the update, which sucks, but at least it's not bricked. I've gone through 7 consoles in the past 5 years, so I know what it's like to wait for your Xbox to work again... @XboxSupport on Twitter is investigating currently, but I'm not sure what they can do besides adding my console to the beta program. As someone else mention, I can still play games offline, it's just the Live stuff that's not working. No RB3 online this weekend still makes me a sad panda. :(