DS title WarioWare: Myself lets users create their own mini-games. That means one thing: Penis.

Released in Japan as Made In Ore ("ore" is the masculine form of "I"), the WarioWare title features a microgame editor for the Nintendo DSi described as a tool to "make your own music, graphics, pretty much everything, including programming the logic and making your own 'game cassette'."

WarioWare: Myself will connect with Asobu! Made in Ore, a WiiWare release that will let players upload their Made in Ore creations and play them on a big screen. Folks have been creating all sorts of interesting mini WarioWare style game — lewd games, too. Above is a NSFW user created title called "Chinko", which is Japanese for, you guessed it, "dick".

Give people a level editor, and they'll give you doinker drawings. We're pretty sure that's one of Newton's Laws. You know, the one he left out, but scribbled in the margins with ding-dong doodles. The pervert.

【DS】「メイドイン俺」のゲームクリエイト機能がフリーダムすぎるんだが [はちま起稿]

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