Warhammer Online's Head Start Dates Revealed

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The Warhammer Online "open" is in full swing (sorry about the mess, Europe), though while getting an early look at the game is certainly nice and all, the retail head start is where the real action is at. Mythic Entertainment today reveals that folks who pre-ordered Warhammer Online will get a chance to start building their characters come September 14th, four days before the retail launch. Oh wait, did I say folks who pre-ordered? I meant folks who pre-ordered the Collector's Edition. Those who opted to reserve the standard edition will get access on Tuesday, September 16th, which is only a two-day head start. It's Mythic's way of showing their scalable appreciation for your interest in their product. Some of you might say this is paying extra for an advantage over other players, which is not true. This is paying extra for a box of cool stuff *and* an advantage over other players. Silly.Mythic Entertainment Announces Head Start Program Dates for Warhammer Online Get ready for the worldwide WAAAGH! Mythic Entertainment announced today that North American players who have pre-ordered Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning (WAR) will be able to get the jump on creating their characters and exploring the world when the game's "Head Start" program begins on September 14th. The "Head Start" program offers players early access to the game and a chance to join the Realm War before the servers officially go live on September 18th. Players that have pre-ordered the standard edition of the game will be granted "Head Start" access on Tuesday, September 16th at 7am EDT. The lucky fans who pre-ordered the Collector's Edition will be able to log in even earlier and begin play on Sunday, September 14th at 7am EDT. Whether players choose to join the fight as an incendiary Bright Wizard or a shadowy Witch Elf, the characters they create during the "Head Start" program will carry over their skills, abilities, weapons and career rank into the game when the servers officially open to the general public on the Day of Reckoning – September 18th. Based on Games Workshop's epic tabletop fantasy war game, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning features revolutionary Realm vs. Realm game play that will immerse players in a world of perpetual conflict for years to come. Available for PC, WAR is rated "T" for Teen by the ESRB.


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I'm like my beta play in Warhammer ALOT MORE than AoC.