War is Looking Very Pretty On the PC These Days

There comes a point in every hardware cycle where the PC, thanks to its ability to be constantly updated, begins to pull ahead. Do things a console shooter can't do. We're now reaching that point.


While Battlefield 3 is probably the most prominent example of this, with the astounding visuals of its PC edition, I'm quietly excited about Bohemia Interactive's ArmA 3 as well, mostly for the reasons you're about to see in the video above.


The action kicks in at the 0:43 mark, but keep watching until the end, where you'll see what's surely the best video game water ever made.

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The graphics of the environment are good, although the physics of the items are far from realistic (ragdoll physics look pretty neat though). The graphics don't match those of Battlefield 3 or maybe even Modern Warfare 3, but this game seems to have big open environments and a tactical approach (which I really like. I still sometimes grab the original Far Cry from the shelves), so I think I'll try it out if a demo comes available.