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Want To See A Muppet Play Halo?

Illustration for article titled Want To See A Muppet Play Halo?

This may be the sweetest wedding proposal I've ever seen. Sid Ceaser, Muppet fan, had two puppets made, one in his likeness, the other, his girlfriend's. Then he made a movie with them. Then he had the clip played at the movies.


Sitting in the crowd, Sid's girlfriend Sara instantly saw the likeness, and at the end, what else could she do? Of course she said yes.

I'd like it known if anyone ever plays me at Halo that, when I lose, it's because I actually look like this when playing. I flail. And chortle. Sometimes, I even guffaw. I can't help it.

"The Proposal" – My Cinematic Love Letter to Sara Prindiville [Ceaser Photography, via neatorama]

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Playing this at a public theater? That would have been quite interesting to see.

Imagine if she wanted to leave because she thought they were in the wrong theater.

I also imagine that one guy who would heckle, complaining that he was missing the main feature.