Want to make some money in Elite: Dangerous? The feisty space-pirates over at Rock, Paper Shotgun have put together a useful guide to Elite's many career paths. Give it a read and that Lakon Type-6 will be yours in no time.


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I still can't decide if I want to spring the $$ for a proper flight stick and HOTAS for this game and the impending Star Citizen. I always played with them during my X-Wing games so it doesn't feel right trying to play without it. But it's $200 for the recommended Saitek Kit and I'm not sure if I'll use them enough to justify the price. But it feels a lot harder to play with an XBox one controller or KB/M because it's not how I'm used to playing these kinds of games back in the day.

If anyone can talk me into why I should spring for a set please do.

ETA: I also can't decide if I should play this game on a triple screen setup in 3D with some thick ass bezeled Asus G278H displays (soon to be available on a craigslist near you) or play non 3D and 21:9 at 3440x1440 on my LG 34um95. Any regular devotees input is appreciated.

Last, I wish it had more of a story mode, but that's just my thing. No fault of the game.